Stephanie & Steve

We're getting married!

About the big day

This website will give you all the information you need to celebrate with us on our big day.

How we met

By Stephanie

How we met?  I had just starting riding motorcycles and a friend let me know there was something called a motorcycle campground!   Whaat?! How exciting! 

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I hopped on the batbike and flew out to Willville.  This was in 2020.  I fell in love with the people and the spirit of the place immediately.  In my quiet and shy style ;), I made myself the unofficial greeter of Willville.  I began making regular trips out to Willville from Norfolk, VA.  One sunny day in July 2020, I ran up on a super cute dude who was just setting up camp to fully inform him where the showers were, how to pay for the site and to let me know if he needed any help.  Super cute dude happened to be Steve who happened to have been to Willville many times and was well educated on where things were.  Apparently, my unnecessary helpfulness was cute and Steve proceeded to effectively and nonchalantly woo me over the next year!

By Steve

It was Love at first instruction. 

Stephanie let me know where everything was at Willville.  Even with her sense of direction being off just a little...

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I still found the bathroom, the envelopes to pay for my stay, the washer and dryer, coffee in the morning, fire ring in the evening and eventually contact information from her personally.  As I watched and listened to her interact with others I started to ask myself if everything she was saying about herself was true.  I have found out it was. 

The amount of miles, the newness to riding, the many friends in a short period of time, riding in all types of weather, spending as much time as possible at Willville, two different bikes, pavement and gravel, singing every song known at the campfire and doing it all with a Smile. But of course with a smile, because on the side of her helmet it says Smiles Davis. 

As I learned all this about her I realize how unique of a person she was. That is why I wanted to get to know her even more. While doing that I have found she is even more unique.  A person that is content and happy with herself.  Not needing much of anything from others. She has done very well on her own. And yet her greatest joy is helping others become better at what ever it is they are doing, work, play, relationships, spiritual, health, happiness and laughter. 

Stephanie has already added a great deal to my life. I want to move forward with her. Who she is as a person is what I need in my life, for the rest of my life. 

The Proposal

I was at the awesomest BMW dealership, Morton's, in Fredericksburg, VA, trying on new riding pants.  I excitedly texted Steve that I fit into size 10 riding pants!  Steve texted me back, "size 10 pants, size small helmet, size medium jacket... ring size?

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GASP!  I proceeded to run around the dealership showing the text to everyone standing still with reddened cheeks and a face-busting grin.  The next weekend was Memorial Day 2022 and I was planning a trip to Millersburg, OH, to see Steve.  Enjoying a bumpy and clamborous ride in his work truck, Steve looks over at me and asks if I would be open to discussing getting married.  I explained that yes I would be open to it and if that was a proposal, it was not good enough (smile).  Later that evening, while sitting on our very comfy couch in our very comfy house (our couch, our house, awwww), Steve proceeded to meet my eyes and sweetly ask me if I would marry him.  Absolutely yes, was my answer.  Between you and me, I said yes back in Morton's in my heart ;)

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